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How Solar Energy Works?

When we get the solar energy from the sun it gets trapped and stored and can be used in various ways to generate power. Solar energy can be used as direct or indirect, active or passive. Basically there are 2 ways in which we can harness sunís energy:

Photovoltaic Cells: This method converts the sunís energy into electricity. Photovoltaic cells are most popular form of converting solar energy into electricity. These cells are silicon based pieces of materials that absorb the sunís light. When the sunlight enters the cells, it causes the electrons to move. These electrons move in a certain direction which is known as current.

This electricity is in the form of direct current. The electrical output from a single cell is small, therefore individual solar cells are arranged together in a PV module and the modules are grouped together to form an array. This power is then used to charge cells or inverters and this electricity can be used to provide sufficient power for common electrical appliances.

Photoelecric Cells

Solar Thermal: Solar thermal is also known as solar water heating. In this process, solar energy is used directly to generate heat. Solar panels are used to trap the heat from the sun and are used to heat water in the glass panels. Glass panels are painted black so that they absorb maximum energy from the sun, then water is pumped through these pipes. These panels are positioned in such a way to maximize the absorption of heat throughout the day and can help in reducing the electricity bills.

Solar Thermal