Clean Energy Source

Solar panels give off no contamination. Once they're actually installed on premises they have no negative impact on the environment

Renewable and Sustainable

Unlike fossil fuels, that are predicted to expire in the next few decades, Solar energy is a renewable source of energy as it is derived from Sun. NASA predicts Sun's existence for another 6.5 billion years, hence there is no way that we could over consume it.

Power in Remote Areas

One of the incredible benefits of solar energy is the capability to provide power in remote areas that are not necessarily connected to a national electrical grid. This has already been done even in space! New innovations in this field today make it possible on cloudy/dull days too.

Can be Installed on Rooftops

Solar panels can be installed on rooftops thereby reducing consumption of space required for the system.

Reduce Electricity Bills

Beyond the one time investment there is no additional cost of consumables like fossil fuels. Moreover, homeowners can sell surplus electricity generated to utility companies to reduce their monthly electricity bill.


Sunlight is available throughout the day across the world and can easily be harnessed by most set ups. This can however be stored by various charging mechanisms and utilized even during night hours.

Low Maintenance and long life system

Modern solar panels require less maintenance as they don't involve any moving parts and last for about 40-50 years. They only require periodical cleaning.


DG sets and wind turbines can be very noisy. Solar energy produces power quietly thereby doing away noise pollution for the locality

Easy Installation

Solar panels are easy to install and does not require any complex installations unlike wind and geothermal power stations. They consume very less space, moreover, they can be installed in distributed fashion